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Commercial search engines like google and bing decide their ranking(s) on 200 variables or even more. Is the website technically good? Is the speed or bandwidth used for loading up a page good? How is the general markup and structure? And most important what is the content about and how does it help people in search? What are the incoming backlinks and how good are these in relation of strength, quality and more important, relevance? These are factors most website owners dont even know they existed and yet important to consider when aiming for better search results. We have more then 13 years of experience with original grounds in The Netherlands.

SEO in this country is competetive and it requires various strategy's in order to be succesfull. Because of this home-grown experience and a portfolio with established escort agency's, we can provide various people and clients excellent search engine rankings for escort service's, independent girls, striptease agency's and much more. We have a large relevant network of over 200+ websites with high numbering. This ensures quality backlinks for escort and is created to offer the best possible result. Thanks to having lots of technical understanding of websites, search engines and all that, we work effectively & fast, which means that we can provide you results in already 2 to 6 weeks.

The very few, cheap and foreign seo agency's such as India and other country's do not have the experience, nor websites nor network, to truely offer what you need. In most occasions lots of cleanup needs to be done in order to recover from a manual action (meaning a penalty) and get rankings back to where they belong. We know the difference in phonecalls in what position 9 does vs position 1. We always aim for the best possible result, and sometimes we might need longer time in order to accomplish the goal. Our strategy is focussed on safe and reliable linkbuilding in combination with strong content to get the best possible result. We also advice on which best hosting company's and more.

Quality Incoming Adult & Escort Links

Everything done right pretty much adds up to having more succes in local, organic search and getting more calls is what matters at the end of the day. We're not a fan of expensive spreadsheets and goals that cannot be done on short term. We're aiming for that what works best in our experience and can even bring you multiple results then just one website or keyword alone. In our experience, we had one client with over 9 websites on page one on a top ranking keyword for more then 11 months, just to give you an example of what we are capable of and how it frustrated the competition. Ofcourse good results can be archieved as well with one, two or even three websites aiming for your offered service.

Some country's do not allow legal callgirls, or at least being sold as "companionship" and what happens in between the two is up to two adults. There is nothing wrong with having better search engine escort results as it improves revenue and much more. Clients are being served in a proper way and girls are happy when there's more work available. This is what we stand for, because we actually do have working experience within this business. In Holland for example, prostitution is legal and it actually requires a license in order to run such a business. This licence guarantees that the owner, girls and workers are serious and provide a best possible service within the company they work for.

Please remember, good SEO could take months, and not if year(s) even if your website is just fresh from the start. It requires lots of updates, tweaking, gathering good quality backlinks, random inspection and testing and making sure it's all about the end-user experience having what they are looking for. We have experience with this and take these complicated tasks out of the hands of owners, girls and independents who require a SEO specialist based for Escort & much more. Our working range is pretty much Europe, United Kingdom & United States. Beyond those country's is possible as well. Please ask for a quote and perhaps we can do business on long term. Privacy matters for our clients.

A Note on Legal Instances

Get better rankings with a good escort seo specialist

Please be aware that we stick to the law, and only promote an adult service on the internet that promotes the minimum age the law requires. Other then that we are not your partner if this is breaking any of the law(s), scamming or ripping off clients, as our reputation is considered highly & professional. Any given information is in between us and you and stays that way. We keep the information confident and more important we work reliable. If your interested in getting your website better, or get a excellent overall package, please contact us for more info. We are available at various times of the day and it's not uncommon to reach us in the middle of the night due to working schedule. We offer various services for company's & independents.

Apart from running your business, getting new staff such as sex workers, drivers and having the right type of marketing is mandatory in running a succesfull escort agency. Without any of these your business is pretty much doomed on the long run and thats not our goal. Our goal is to make your business or service grow, as you would return to us for even more. With currently 76 clients all from Europe it is time to offer our services world-wide with the same hospitality as all these clients before you experience now. Contact when you are in the need for a quota, seo services or improving your business. We also provide Erotic & Escort Webdesign of professional, unique and custom websites of choice.

If your suffering from low quality links, you have the assumption that your being targetted in online spam, your business is being hurt due to never-taken place reviews, we can clean these up for you as well. Also if you have worked as a escort before and your listed still on various websites without your consent. Please contact us for removal of these details. We will help you within 24 hours and provide fast results. This website is maintained by - our native spoken languages are English, Dutch & German. Big websites or platforms in the broadest sense are welcome as well to get their professional SEO package or boost upon demand.

We Provide The Best Adult & Escort Hosting

Our servers are localised in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and are exclusively configured to provide the best webhosting experience for escort, massage or independent websites. This means that there's alot of effort being put in providing the best and maximum possible speed for our clients and also work with known CDN's like Cloudflare to provide worldwide the best and fastest possible webhosting. Due to the nature and years of reliability we offer our subnet(s) and IP adresses are remarked as one of the better and guarantees a jump ahead compared to the rest. Please take a look for more info and perhaps we can make you an offer you cant refuse.

We host various websites offering legal services all over the globe; which are optimized for the best possible experience. By default minify, compression and ensured to provide the fastest loading speed possible. Starting from march 2021, insights data is actually collected by Google Search and taken into account for determination of ranks. So if your looking for someone who fastens your website like crazy please contact us. Most optimisation ends with the use of plugins but our work is completely at server level, making it even more faster & reliable then others. We also use Litespeed in combination for wordpress escort, independent or massage websites.

With good quality hosting, your looking at a avg of 30 to 50 a year in total, no hidden costs and guaranteed 24/7 uptime. Uptime is an important role if your reliant of various clients in the night. Our servers are managed and monitored 24/7 and gives us the flexibility to jump in whenever we need to. So if your looking for good quality webhosting with optimisation on server level, please contact us. We provide the whole thing for one steady price on yearly basis, and bringing in multiple websites even brings discount(s). We assure you that your data is safe and twice a day a backup being made, stored onto a offline location for maximum safety.

Get Better Rankings in Search

Want to get higher with your escort site, even in the top 3?

Good Escort SEO is'nt easy. It's a time consuming and constant measuring proces that requires lots of attention. Nothing can be really in the way as in a misconfigured website, slow speed, outdated or too low content, and most important cleaning up the remains of previous webmasters that made a terrible job of what they did. We've seen it through the last few years now where websites where completely destroyed in relation of search, had to be cleaned up, revamped and reworked out in order to get back into the big board of seo positions. We work fast and give you a good clear estimate of what you can expect from us when contacting us. We focus on Escort, Massage, Striptease and Independents only.

Normal websites are out of the question since this is not in our interest really. We do these as well but obviously if you ended up here your here for a reason. We advice you to contact us. If anything needs to be changed such as details, site settings or anything in particular we might need to ask for access. Every step in the proces is done carefully and there's always a backup made before we start. We would like to exclude any factors such as incoming bad links, bad content, bad structure website before we start, for maximum and best results in search engines all over the world. We also provide marketing, which means we take the advertisement for you and place these very tactically.

Due to years of experience we know exactly which websites do rank or score best and which ones don't. We're not looking for useless visitors but hardcore bookings, because that's what this business is all about. We know very well that alot of SEO company's do and say lots of things while only 1/3rd can actually obtain what's needed. This is why we have a excellent reputation and have the biggest clients in our portfolio. If your interested in a SEO expert or a webdesigner in your own country, please read the following table below. Perhaps we can be of service for you in your own local area. If your area is not listed do not hassitate to contact us.

Providing agency's, independents better ranks search

For agency's, escort or massage independents, we provide serious rankings for multiple years with a outstanding results. What matters in this business is making calls; keeping girls, drivers and obviously clients happy with a great source of female dates possible for escort or massage. All it takes is sending us a message by using contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We can book result in between 2 to 6 weeks already, and give you professional advice based on your website and / or ranks. We are discreet and brings result; that is what matters at the end of the day. Don't waste your time with non-experienced party's that offer too cheap.

Having a penalty, ending up in sandbox or be blacklisted on several resources is'nt what you want, as the time to recover can even last up to 6 months. We do linkbuilding for escort directory's, escort service's throughout all the world, but also offer powerfull links that are escort related to boost ranks. If you are a startup, you need a quality and expertise'd team behind you to make sure you get the right positions in google, bing, yahoo & more. Having your website fully responsive is important as well. Send us a message and we will come back to you within no time. If you are interested in seeing our clients, check the page portfolio. We have big brands & names within the adult business.

Be ahead of your game, and hire us today for better, stronger positions in search. At the end of the day all it matters are making bookings with clients. What good is page 2 or beyond when most of the valuable traffic is within the top 3 of Google, Bing & Yahoo? We deliver and can provide results in already 2 to 6 weeks from start. Contact us today for more info, as we are available on daily basis. Getting your organisation strong with the right people is what counts. We have experience, the network, the contacts & most important we do this with passion. We wish you a healthy & strong 2024 and may the upcoming year even be better then the ones before.

Get Valid Traffic, Calls & Bookings for Escort Service

A good seo specialist gets you where you want to be

There is nothing more frustrating then running an agency or as a independent, and not being happy with the results the current SEO expert brings. Most of the seo specialists use a one approach fits all tactic which is perhaps usefull in their own league or business, but the adult or escort requires a different tactic & approach. We've seen it too often hiring cheap seo company's that smash usually low quality content links from spam marked blogs and kind of hoping for the best. The truth is is that this usually works for 2 weeks before it completely falls down or is being flagged by known search engies. Good SEO is time consuming that requires a well planned approach.

What matters is not just getting links from good places, that provide traffic, but also provide linkpower that boosts the average position up in the search engine. We dare you to try our service and measure the result in between 2 to 6 weeks. We guarantee you that your average position in search (if anything else is'nt an issue such as being flagged or having a spammy reputation). In a competetive business it requires a good approach thats solid for the long term. This is our goal to help our clients compete with the toughest in the industry and ensure work on daily basis. When you signup, discretion is always offered & advised. Please contact us for more info.

Please keep in mind that our work always complies with the country of residence and current laws. We do only promote SEO services that is within our audience target. Helping services that are basicly running "illegal" or against the law is not our target. Our website network of websites is large and has lots of authority. This ensures better positions, more traffic and more important phonecalls with actual bookings. We can be reached any day of the week and get you going in already the same day.

Start Your SEO Adult & Escort Today!

Due to the lockdowns, things where hard enough already for legitimate, licensed agency's in for example Belgium & The Netherlands. It pretty much came to a halt in all the provided activity. Any marketing, ongoing SEO and all of that got put on hold for months which is'nt a good sign for populair search engines. We got official advisors currently claiming that the Covid pandemic should slowly come to an end by the upcoming summer. This means that it is a good oppertunity to start investing in building, extending or renewing a website at this very moment, to be there when the business opens up again. This pretty much goes for all country's in & around the world.

The top tier Escort Agency's in Amsterdam, The Netherlands are already working fully ahead to assure the best for both girls, sexworkers and clients or tourists planning to head to Holland sooner or later. We're all in for a long extended break and i think everybody deserves some relaxing once in a while by now. Our aim is to make websites rank for escort. The main difference is that we hold our own network of websites that can guarantee results. Ask us for a quote and be sure to ask a tracklist of our done work if your still not convinced. We work towards having the best long-term result(s) which brings plenty of calls for agency's, independents & more.

Wether you like just the better search engine for escort, or have your complete website network arranged by us. We work fast, provide result(s) and aim for a sustainable future for your business or service. Wether your from in or outside the european union, for us that don't matter much since the internet is pretty much universal to work on. We have a large set of clients enjoying fantastic SEO positions with fast results. We have working experience ourself in this business, and because of that we jump out from the rest in relation of trustworthy. Our packages are the ones to check out. Also escort directory's are welcome. Contact us now for more info. Sets The Latter!

Raising the bar for the escort market

All over the globe we provide our clients the best SEO result for the adult & escort business of choice. We advice, and take the complete online marketing & branding out of your hands and provide you results in already 2 to 6 weeks with a approach of long term steady & stable clients. If your interested or would like to know more about us, please check our portfolio for a glimpse of a few of our clients (and their respected SEO results). We understand that SEO is a tricky business and dealing with the wrong party can yield more bad then good or even leading up to stalled websites and / or lost positions. We can fix that, recover you from a penalty and let you make business again. VIP Escort Agency Amsterdam

There is nothing more bad then a streak of bad unrelated or even spammy type of links which is a often used practice in the landslide of SEO. Furthermore engaging with marketing emails about guaranteed position one in search engine often practiced by india or pakistan based country's leads to a long lasting cleanup of bad and impractice links. Due to our nature ourself in the escort and adult business we've build, gathered and own exclusively over hundreds of active & real websites with not just strong SERP's but also power which varies from DA25 up to DA75+ to provide the push you need. We do our homework as assure proven results for escort agency's & more.

We always comply with the local law, and work not against it. This means that the country of origin you are in and prefer to have SEO for should comply to the regulations in the first place. If you need a platform like a escort directory, marketplace or other form of platform of your own choice, do not hassitate to contact us. We provide all the tools for you to start a internet business in the escort or adult market all over the world. For references see portfolio. A price quota upon request is possible. We will guarantee all our clients the highest privacy & discretion. For questions please ask us by using contact for more info. You'll have a response within 24 hours.

Get Your SEO Today and Start Ranking!

If you are a escort directory, escort service, erotic massage business, a sex parlor or club, and your looking for more traction with your customers, please feel free to ask us or contact us for a quote. After years of experience we can set the international stage and have the right tools and network of websites for this to boost and guarantee the positions you are looking for. We build websites, we create escort directory's with speed, safety and revenue in the back of our minds, we perform all sorts of optimisations that are on the edge in regards of todays standards, and have our own servers of choice matching any type of configuration required.

All these little steps add up to the larger picture and make our job quite easy compared to others. The big difference is that we provide marketing for a specific business and we are not reliant on others to accomplish what we want. Forget about social media marketing, instagram, adwords, adsense or anything in that order. The big businesses or brands want nothing todo with paid dates, escort or call girls in the broadest sense and we are in a gray zone in that regard. However we work on a safe matter which means our work will last for years for you. Yes it might be a big investment when you start, but this will pay itself off once you reach the top 3 results.

We've seen very bad practices applied to websites or people engage with "Cheap page one google rankings" and your basicly paying for a set of guest posts that are flagged already for larger amounts of spam. Nope. This is'nt going to work and even if it works the moment competition sets up their game your likely going to lose positions sooner or later. With good hard links from respected and authority escort based websites you are assured to gain good ground and even position 1 rankings with your escort site and actually stay there if you follow our tips and advise. Do not perform overhauling site changes, moving of pages or any of that. Keep it cool.

Experienced & Professional SEO for Escort

With years of experience, we can show & provide serious results for your website and business in most parts of the world. Contact us for more info and perhaps we'll start within 24 hours already. We accept payments in Revolut, Bank transfer (IBAN) and much more.

Higher Positions Google 2 to 6 Weeks

Thanks to a worked out package and plan we can boost results in already 2 to 6 weeks straight. From there on it's pretty much an upward trend if you follow our given instructions for better positions and let us do our magic. We have over 50+ clients in where we accomplished this result.

Outstanding & High Quality Network

We have over 400+ various, international websites with high rankings but also strength to boost websites of you. In combination with excellent content your looking at a winner combination specially for escort based sites. Give it a try and find out!

Inhouse Writing, Links & Design

Everything is done inhouse. No outsourcing. We deliver you one package that pretty much holds everything from technique, hosting, content, writing, SEO & links. Our goal is long lasting partnership with proven results in any country of choice. Don't believe us? Try us!