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We've seen nummerous stories of agency's, independents or brothels who hired people to get a relatively simple task done, but after months of investment barely get anything out of it. We've witnessed ourself people spending over € 10.000 euro and have gotten zero to none results in the timespan of 16 months. They where eager to write invoices every month and kept pressing for the user to "advertise" as things would go along, but after a deep analysis roughly 25 links where harvested in that time duration which lead to a absolute bad & negative result. We do not work based on that knowledge or matter. We actually work to archieving results.

The market in The Netherlands is competitive. This means that you won't be up easy in between the existing range of websites already ranking within the top 10. You'll need a specialist who runs through your website carefully, cleans up any bad traces done by any previous seo company before, and start with a clean slate providing the best adult or escort based links from various sources having high authority. There are multiple websites often belonging to one and the same agency or company, as you need a good tactic to tackle the competition in a clean & trustworthy way. If your curious, please contact us for info or a quote for SEO in general.

Currently we are working on our portfolio of adult, erotic websites in Netherlands. Some might not be listed due to privacy reasons. We do however build international escort directory's on which the Netherlands is within one of the country's these directory's aim for. Click on a photo for more info, this will open in a new window and shows a bit of our quality of work. If your interested in seeing more please check portfolio for general agency's, parlors & independent girls. Our SEO services aim for the city's such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Groningen, Maastricht, Breda, Eindhoven, Zeeland & Haarlem but also in smaller area's.

Why Good Linkbuilding is Important

We see lots of folks cramming one after the other link as part of a larger scheme, or just because it's recommended by some third party tool. The mistake that most of people are making that these tools or simply A hrefs DA/PA/UR measurement are done by a third party vendor, who are not google and cant be taken serious in terms of quality links or not. We can ramp up a spam domain, and have it covered with a DA of 75, a link from this domain must be good then right? The answer is obviously no as google, bing or yahoo maintain different aspects to determine a website and it's current rankings. Don't be staring blind to only DA/PA alone.

Relevance is so important to good quality linkbuilding and long lasting positions. It makes no sense to have a link from a domain with a DA75 about flowers, food or construction while the topic you are trying to reach out for is Escort, Massage, Adult or Porn in general. You'll need relevant links which do have age, authority, good content but also good SERP's (Search engine positions) to actually benefit from it. Placing links wont get you that fast of a result. You'll need consistent placing and per keyword there is a certain difficulty in return. Some places need awefully alot of good links, some you can get away with just a dozen of linkpartners.

Why dont you skip of going through all that, and have the first signs of results in already 2 weeks? We have experience and we drive quite some respected escort agency's, massage parlors, brothels in the Netherlands that exist for more then 10 years. Above impression is just a slight overview of the work we accomplished and provided for these sex businesses in Holland. You can be part of good SEO ranking for Escort & more. There's alot of factors that decide todays ranking; and it might sometimes even take up to 1.5 year before your even close to the top 5 of your favourite keywords. Get in touch with us today for more info.